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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Get 50,000 Vimeo Video Views/Plays For Just $5

vimeo video views
Get more popular for your Vimeo videos by obtain instant views or plays. One of the best Vimeo video views service package can be purchased with cheap price. You can get 50,000 plays or views instantly in a short time by paying only $5. This service are provided by level 3 seller on the marketplace, which have 100% positive rating from the customers. Make this service as one of most reliable service to fulfil your needs on Vimeo video promotion and can make your videos listed on the "Hot List" video.

Cheap Vimeo Video Views Service Package

Yup, you can get 50,000 video views for just $5. You can split all views between up to 6 different videos. For more detail about this service, you can read bellow.
Service name : "Add 50,000 Vimeo Video Views Plays Can Be Split - Guaranteed"
Service price : $5/package
Expected delivery : 7 days
Average time on delivery : 4 days

Extra services :
- Split the plays between up to 6 videos for $5
- Disburse the plays slowly and split them between 5-7 days for $10
- Split the plays between up to 10 videos for $10

Service features :
- Provide 50,000 vimeo video views/plays
- Can be ordered unlimited times
- The views or plays can be split into 2-3 videos for free
- You can order lesser number of views.

Buy 50,000 Vimeo Video Views/Plays For $5

Disclaimer :
The price above can be change anytime without prior notice. If you have more question regarding how to buy vimeo video views, how to get discount, you can contact the seller directly by visiting her official page. You can click into order button above to visit the page.