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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Buy 10000 Soundcloud Plays For $1 (Moneyback Guarantee)

10000 Soundcloud Plays
Now we will talk about where you can buy Soundcloud plays at cheapest price ever offered. For just $1, you can get 1000 Soundcloud plays instantly. The seller of this plays package not just offer cheap deal but also give you money back guaranteed. You will get back 100% of your money if you don't get service as promised. Its provided by level 3 seller on marketplace which mean that this is one of the most trusted and affordable service provider. You also can get discount price if you buy more Soundcloud plays in extra package. For more detail about this service, you can read bellow.

Cheap Soundcloud Plays Service - 10000 Plays For $1 Only

Service name : "Give You 10000 Soundcloud Plays On Unlimited Tracks"
Service price : $1 for each 10000 plays
Seller name : pdfmaster
Seller level : 3
Expected delivery : 3 days
Average time of delivery : 3 days
Requirement : Soundcloud songs/tracks URL
Guaranteed : the seller guarantee that he will delivered all plays as promised or you will get back 100% of your money with no question asked

Service Features :
1. 100% safe and trustable service
2. Guaranteed service
3. Quick customer support
4. All plays are from unique IPs
5. Fast delivery
6. Always send over delivered
7. Using only safe, manual methods to attract Soundcloud plays
8. Worldwide Soundcloud plays

Extra Services :
- Also add 50 likes, 50 comments, and 50 repost to your track for $4
- Add more 50000 Soundcloud plays for $4
- Add more 100000 Soundclout plays for $9

Buy 10000 Soundcloud Plays For $1

If you interested to buy Soundcloud plays from this seller, simply click on order button above. Place your order, complete your payment, and confirm it. Once you on order confirmation page, make sure to mention your track/song URL in message box so the seller will be notified that you have place your order and ready to complete. The seller will not process your order and send Soundcloud plays to your account if you don't give your songs/tracks URL to him even if you have complete your payment.

Disclaimers :
The price to buy 10000 Soundcloud plays above can be change anytime without prior notice. If you have more question to asked, you can send your message to the seller. Click here if you want get special deal. 50000 Soundcloud plays for just $2 (limited time offer).

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Cheapest SoundCloud Plays, Only $1 For 20000 Plays

20000 Soundcloud Plays
Are you looking for cheapest Soundcloud plays service that can send huge amount of plays directly to your Soundcloud tracks? You should be interested with this post. Because we have  find that kind of service which can deliver 20000 Soundcloud plays for just $1. This plays service provided by one of the most Soundcloud plays seller on Seoclerks. FYI, Seoclerks is the largest SEO marketplace in internet where so many provider listed their service on it and offer the best value of service to purchase. One of them can provide you high quality Soundcloud plays with reliable price. To know more about where you can buy plays with cheapest price ever offered, you can read bellow.

Buy 20,000 Soundcloud Plays Only For $1

Service name : "Less Than 24 Hours Give You 20,000 Real Genuin Soundcloud Plays Split Unlimited"
Service price : $1 / 20000 Soundcloud Plays package
Seller name : jkeyz2
Expected delivery : 1 day
Average time of delivery : 23 hours
Bonus : buy 2 packages get 1 package free
Requirement : Soundcloud songs/tracks link
Guaranteed : The seller will complete your order in full and on time or you will get back 10% from your total order with no question asked.

Extra Services :
- Add more 20000 Soundcloud plays for $1
- Add more 60000 Soundcloud plays for $3
- Add more 100000 Soundcloud plays for $5
Service Features:
1. Fast delivery. All Soundcloud plays will be send within 24 hours
2. No bots
3. Additional bonus plays included. Also you will get real genuine unique listeners with every click
4. Money back guarantees
5. Can be split into unlimited song/track links

Buy 20,000 Soundcloud Plays For $1

So, have you ever find service like this before? This is the cheapest Soundcloud plays service ever offered. You only need to pay $1 to get 20,000 plays that can be split into different song/track links. But remember, if you interested to purchase this service don't forget to give your song/track links to it seller through order confirmation page or your plays will not delivered even if you have made the payment.

Disclaimers :
We are not the seller/provider of this service. We just post this for information purpose only. So, if you have more question related with this service, you can directly contact the seller. The price for Soundcloud plays service above can be change anytime with no prior notice.

If you need more cheap offer, you also can purchase 50000 Soundcloud plays for $2. But it limited time offer only. So hurry up, purchase it now and get the cheapest deal. Click here for more detail about this service.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Cheap And Fast 15000 Soundcloud Plays For $1

15000 Soundcloud Plays
Do you looking for reliable service provider which can provide instant Soundcloud plays with cheap price offer? If there is one service provider who can help you to get 15000 Soundcloud plays in a short time for just $1, do you want to buy it? Absolutely, right? Yes, there is one seller who hive such service. You only need to pay for $1 to get 15000 plays send to your Soundcloud tracks/songs. Is this plays can be split into different songs/tracks? To know more about it, you can read bellow.

Service Detail :
Service name : "Give You 15000 Soundcloud Plays In Your Track"
Service price : $1
Seller level : 3
Service rating : 100% rating ( more than 768 peoples has order this service, and all of them feel satisfied)
Expected time of delivery : 1 day
Average time of delivery : 1 day
Service Features :
- 15000 Soundcloud plays can be split into different tracks/songs.
- Quick delivery. Within 24 hours you will receive your plays delivered into your tracks
- 100% safe to get plays for your Soundcloud tracks
- Assurance of satisfaction
- This service can increase your Soundcloud popularity and ranking

Buy Soundcloud Plays At Cheapest Price Ever

Buy 15000 Soundcloud Plays For $1

If you interested to add huge amount of plays into your Soundcloud tracks/songs, you can buy cheap Soundcloud plays from this seller. Simply click into order button above and complete the payment. Once the payment has been made, you need to confirm your order on order confirmation page by giving your Soundcloud tracks/songs link to the seller. Just remember this! the seller will not send plays to your tracks if you don't provide your links.

It cheap and simple method to get more plays, isn't it? If you would like to make bulk order of plays, you might be interested to take 100K Soundcloud plays service package. It only cost you $10 for that amount of plays. You can grab this offer right here. But this is limited time offer. So, you must be hurry and get all of them with the cheapest deal ever offered.

Disclaimers :
The price for Soundcloud plays service above can be change anytime without prior notice. If you have more question to ask regarding this service, you can directly contact the seller.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Soundcloud Plays Bot - Get Unlimited Plays Daily

Soundcloud Plays Bot
This Soundcloud plays bot called as "CloudDemon". If you looking for automatic system which can bring you more plays to your Soundcloud tracks or interested to going on selling Soundcloud plays and deliver easy plays to your customers, this bot could help you more. This bot is a simple software with one purpose to help you getting more plays...plays and plays instantly. Its now offered with cheaper price. You can get this unlimited Soundcloud plays generator for only $19 (original price $29 - limited time offer)

Soundcloud Plays Generator - Start Getting Endless Flow Of Plays In Seconds

To operate this Soundcloud bot, you need Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows server, and have .NATE Framework installed to your PC.
Service price : $19 (on sale - price can be change any time).
Bot version : 1.1.4 (updated in July 15 2014. Fixed issue with too many threads being created. Miscellaneous back end tweaks/fixes to reduce overall computer usage).

What you will gets :
- Socked based plays bot
- License key within 15 hours (in average you will get your key within 6 hours, and if order this bot while the seller online, you will get it within a couple of hours)
- All update free for life
- Customer support all year round

Soundcloud Bot Features :
1.) Send unlimited Soundcloud plays
2.) Set plays per track
3.) Can be used for unlimited tracks
4.) Multi-threading
5.) Socked based - can handle lots of threads with ease
6.) Built-in socked base proxy checker (new feature)
7.) Select random working proxy from checker

Buy Soundcloud Plays Bot For $19
 Buy Soundcloud Plays Bot
To order this Soundcloud bot, you can simply click into order button above. Because its  instant download service, you will get the software after you make the payment. And for the license will send later if the seller noticed that there is new customer to serve.

Frequently Asked Question :
-  Do I need proxies?
It will function perfectly normal without proxies but all plays are only coming from your 1 IP. So it is highly  recommended to use proxies . If we are not using proxies the play count will very likely stop increasing after only a few if all coming from the same IP to the same track

- Can I request a feature?
Sure, you can send message to the seller any time.

If you don't want to use any robotic software to obtain more plays for your Soundcloud songs, you might be interested to purchase Soundcloud plays service packages. Don't feel so worry about the price. Because you can get all of plays with the cheapest deal  ever offered. One of this package service can give you 10000 Soundcloud plays for $1. Yup just for $1, you will get 10K plays send directly to your songs.

Disclaimers :
This Soundcloud plays bot price can be change any time without prior notice. You have more question related with this software, you can directly contact the seller.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cheap 50,000 Soundcloud Plays + 5000 Downloads Only $2

5000 Soundcloud Downloads
If looking for cheap Soundcloud plays and downloads which provide guaranteed service, you should buy this one. As we mentioned on the title, you can buy Soundcloud plays + downloads and get 50000 plays plus 5000 Soundcloud downloads for just $2. Is not about cheap price offer which make this service special, but the warranties from the seller. You will get back 99% of your money if the seller haven't send your order within 2 days. So, beside you will get instant Soundcloud plays and downloads with cheap price, you also get benefits with the warranty.

Where To Buy Cheap Soundcloud Plays And Downloads

Many service out there give interested offer. But, only a few of them can fulfil what you needs for your Soundcloud. One of reliable Soundcloud plays and Soundcloud downloads service package is provided by level 3 on Seoclerks (which make this seller as trusted one), with 100% positive rating from all customers. Bellow is more detail about this service.
Service name : "Add 50,000 Soundcloud Plays 5000 Downloads Split to Unlimited Tracks"
Service price per package : $2
Expected delivery : 2 days
Average time of delivery : 16 hours

Service Features :
1.) Can provide instant 50,000 Soundcloud plays + 5000 Soundcloud downloads
2.) Fast delivery. In average, the seller only need 16 hours to send all plays and downloads
3.) All high quality plays and downloads
4.) All plays and downloads come from users with avatar and activities
5.) No need admin access. You only need to provide your Soundcloud tracks link with its current number of plays and downloads.
6.) 100% satisfaction guarantees. You will get 99% of your total order with no question asked, if the seller haven't send your plays and downloads within 2 days.

Buy 50,000 Soundcloud Plays + 5000 Soundcloud Downloads For $2
Buy 50,000 Soundcloud Plays + 5000 Soundcloud Downloads

To buy cheap Soundcloud plays and downloads from this seller, simply click into order button above. After you make the payment, you need to confirm your order and give your Soundcloud tracks URLs and its current number of plays and downloads detail to the seller. Note! The seller will not send your plays and downloads, if you are not provide your tracks URLs and its current number of plays and downloads.

100K Soundcloud plays package also available. You can get all plays with cheapest price ever offered on marketplace. So, you don't need to be worry that you will spend much money to get them. There is so many Soundcloud service that offer the best service with reliable price.

Disclaimers :
The price for 5000 Soundcloud plays + 5000 downloads above can be change any time without prior notice. If you have any concern related with this service, you can directly contact the seller. We are not the seller or providers, we only give short review about it.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Cheap 1000 Soundcloud Followers For Just $10

1000 Soundcloud Followers
Are you looking for cheap Soundcloud followers service package which can give you real and permanent followers? If you looking for that kind of service, you have visit the right site. We would introduce you about one reliable Soundcloud followers that can help you to get more followers which real and high quality for your account. This service provided by level 3 seller on the marketplace (Seoclerks). Not only can provide best service with cheap price but also can give you fast 1000 Soundcloud followers delivery. For more detail about this service, you can read short review bellow.

Cheap Soundcloud Followers Service

Service name : "Add 1000  Soundcloud Followers"
Service price for each 1000 Soundcloud followers : $10
Expected time to send all followers : 4 days
Average time to deliver all followers 22 hours
Contact respond : 21 hours

Service Features :
1. Will give you 1000 followers that come from real Soundcloud users, permanet and no drop.
2. Real Exposure
3. No need admin access to send all followers. You only need to provide your link account
4. 100% safe method to get more followers on Soundcloud
5. The seller don't use any programs, bots , or fake account.
6. Guaranteed - If the seller not add 1000 Soundcloud followers, you will get back 50% of your total order with no question asked. 
Buy 1000 Soundcloud Followers For $10
Buy 1000 Soundcloud Followers

Using this service will rocket your profile popularity, add more social credibility, prestige, even give more celebrity look to your profile so you can obtain more attention from real Soundcloud user to discovers about your product or songs/tracks. Improve your profile rating in a short time.

Disclaimer :
You can order 1000 Soundcloud followers above, but we can't guaranteed that you will get the same price as we mentioned. The price above can be change any time without prior notice. We are not the seller or provider of this service. So, if you have more question about this service, you can contact the seller directly.

Just another Soundcloud service. Get more plays on your Soundcloud song instantly with reliable service package. Click here to get more information about buying 10,000 Soundcloud plays package service for just $1.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Buy 150+ SoundCloud Followers, 5000+ Plays (Get More Bonus Likes And Repost)

150+ SoundCloud Followers
Buy more followers for your Soundcloud profile can be alternative method to boost your SoundCloud rank and reputation instantly. Although you can obtain more SoundCloud plays using your own method (mostly using some conventional and have slow result), when you try to gain more popularity for your SoundCloud tracks,  you need something fast and instant to grab all of them. So, using some kind of service which can help you to get more plays, is the best method to think about. Did you know? There is many SoundCloud service package you can purchase out there. And most of them can give you what you need.

150+ SoundCloud Followers And 5000+ SoundCloud Plays Service Package

One of the best SoundCloud service can be found on every social networking marketplace. But, it very rare you can find seller that sell SoundCloud followers and SoundCloud plays in one package and with cheap price offer. By 2 benefit (followers and plays) in one package, you can buy followers and get more SoudClout plays at the same time. And of course with more cheap price offer than you buy it separately. Here is the detail about service package that offer you followers and plays in one package.
Service name : Add 5000+ SoundCloud plays + 150+ Followers + Bonus Likes And Reposts
Service price : $5
Expected delivery : 5 days
Average time on delivery : 2 days
Seller name : fosterj
Seller level on marketplace : 3

Extra services from this seller :
- add more 15000+ SoundCloud plays to your track + 300 SoundCloud followers for $10
- add more 40000+ SoundCloud plays to your track + 600 SoundCloud followers for $20
- split the plays (main order) into 2 or more track fo $1

Guarantees :
- You will get 5000+ high quality SoundCloud plays and 150+SoundCloud followers with no risk to your account.
- All SoundCloud plays and SoundCloud followers will remain forever, stable, staying permanently, and never drop.

To buy SoundCloud followers and plays service package, just press order button bellow. And to process your order, the seller need you to provide your track link to send plays and SoundCloud ID to send followers.

Buy 150+ SoundCloud followers + 5000+ SoundCloud plays for $5

More detail about this service : 
This Soundcloud followers service package have 100% positive rating and marked as "Staff Selected" service. Which mean that none of the customer feel disappointed with this service, and the staff from marketplace have tried it by them self. The report says, that the staff really recommended for this quality of SoundCloud followers and plays. For 2 weeks of time tested, all followers and plays never drops.

That is short explanation about followers and plays package service for your SoundCloud. If you just looking for cheap ShoudCloud plays and no need for the followers, you can read our previous article about how to get more 10000+ SoundCloud plays instantly for just $1. Just visit this page : Buy Cheap SoundCloud Plays.

Disclaimer :
The price to buy SoundCloud followers And SoundCloud plays package above are limited time only. It can be change any time without prior notice. For more detail information about the process to order or related with possibility of discount, you can contact the seller directly.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Buy 100,000+ Soundcloud Plays, Cheap! Only $10

100000 Soundcloud Plays
Buy SounCloud plays is one of the most effective methods to increase the popularity of your SoundCloud. This may seem as a slightly underhand method. But, maybe you ever read some articles informed that there are several SoundCloud superstars use this method to gain their popularity? Yes, there are. Of course anyone have their own legitimation to do this, because to achieve a triumph, it takes an effort, and one of them is by buying SoundCloud plays. Well, now that will be discussed is about buy 100,000+ cheap SoundCloud plays for just $10. Its very cheap SoundCloud plays package offer, isn't it? Absolutely! Maybe if you compare with other SoundCloud plays package service, this price offered will be much cheaper.

This service package is listed on one of the biggest social networking marketplace. You can buy plays directly to the seller. By providing information about your tracks link which the plays need to be given, then you will get hundreds of thousands SoundCloud plays instantly. So, no need to provide information regarding your SoundCloud ID or password. To view this offer directly, you can click here.

The Advantages Buy This SoundCloud Plays Package

1. Surely you will get 100,000+ Soundcloud plays for just $10, this is very cheap SoundCloud plays ever offer. The seller guarantees that all plays are high quality plays and will stay forever, never drops. 100,000+ means you not only get 100,000 plays alone, but there are also some bonuses. This bonus could be hundreds or even thousands of additional SoundCloud plays.

2. You can split into 10 track links. So, if you're willing to give more plays on each song track you have, you can ask to the seller to do this instruction for free. No more charge for splitting all plays into different tracks.

3. It safe method. As previously described, to obtain SoundCloud plays you ordered, you don't need to provide information about your SoundCloud ID and password. Simply give your tracks link. So, you don't have to worry about the security of your account. In addition, to send all plays, the seller using method that not violated Soundcloud term of service. So, buy SoundCloud plays service will not harm or endanger your SoundCloud account.

4. One of the marketplace staff have tried this service. As a result, they report that all plays are delivered very quickly. From the description of the seller, all plays will be delivered within 48 hours, but when looking at the average time scores required to send all plays, this process only takes 17 hours.

Buy 100,000+ SoundCloud Plays For Only $10

Well, that's a little review on buy cheap SoundCloud plays package. For more details about what is needed to process order, you can directly contact the seller. However, you need to make a record, buying SoundCloud plays is one of simply method that you can use to dominate SoundCloud. And this is very effective one. If you feel that this method just waste of money, you should not do this. You can use your own conventional method. As long as you are satisfied with the acquisition SoundCloud plays using your method, you could make "buy SoundCloud plays" as your last alternative choice. Hopefully, this information will be useful for you who need more SoundCloud plays instantly. Thanks for taking your time to read this article.

Note: If you feel that $10 is to much to spend and you looking for cheaper SoundCloud plays service that can give you 10,000 plays for just $1, you can read our previous article "Cheap SoundCloud Plays, 10,000 plays For Just $1". You can try this one dollar service to see the effectiveness method to dominate on SoundCloud, before you decide to make bulk order.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cheap SoundCloud Plays, Buy 10000 Plays Just For $1

10000 SoundCloud Plays
Want to buy SoundCloud plays but you don't know where you find best quality services at super low prices? Actually very easy to find someone who can give you thousands or even tens of thousands of plays on your SoundCloud tracks. However, is there any among them that could give you 10,000 SoundCloud plays for $ 1 only? Apparently, you never found such an offer, until you eventually read this article. On this article we'll discuss about cheap SoundCloud plays. For more details, you should read this article entirely.

The Reasons Why You Should Buy SoundCloud Plays

As a SoundCloud user, of course, you really understand why you need a lot of plays on your tracks. The main reason is to increase your tracks popularity. By having thousands to hundreds of thousands of plays on each track that you upload, you have chance to make these tracks in the top quartile of the most played songs. So, if your track listed on it, it will attract many other SoundCloud users to listen on your music. Surely they would be more curious about your master piece. So, the opportunity to get more downloads, likes, comments, or even followers will widely open.

A Method that you can use to get more plays quickly is to buy soundcoud plays. You could just apply the conventional method to get thousands of plays, but if you want a short cut to reach popularity, by purchasing plays package, of course it can be achieved instantly. You certainly know, someones who managed to acquire thousands to millions of plays on their tracks, mostly are someones who already known / popular. Well, for those of you who are still a newcomer in music industry, certainly isn't easy to draw a lot of fans instantly, besides not many people are familiar with your music type, you also don't have the power to become famous instantly. Buy SoundCloud plays is an alternative method that you can apply for your success in music industry.

Place To Buy SoundCloud Plays At Cheapest Price

There are many online services that offer SoundCloud plays package. Maybe you've heard or even had bought and experienced with the quality from some of these services. However, not all services can provide good quality services at cheap prices. Their average offer prices range between $10 to $50 for thousand to ten thousand of SoundCloud plays. Well, have you ever found an offer for just $1 which can give you 10,000 plays instantly?

One example of these super cheap offer can be see here. On that offer page, you can see for yourself that for just $1 you can get 10,000 SoundCloud plays instantly, within 24 to 48 hours (although, in fact if you look at the average time to send all plays, it only takes 18 hours - see on the left sidebar "Expected Delivery"). So no need to bother yourself to find where you can find cheap SoundCloud plays. That kind of service is really exist and really give you a number of plays as mentioned above for just $1.

How Its Works

As most similar services, the seller doesn't need access to your SoundCloud account. So they do not require a password and username that you use to log in to your account. Only by providing your track links, they still able send all plays that you need. The process are 100% safe. Most of them didn't use any kind of methods that can harm or endanger your account.

But before you decide to buy SoundCloud plays, ensure that the seller can really be trusted. Don't let happen, when you have done the payment, all plays aren't sent. There are several points you can use as a benchmark assessment whether the seller is trustworthy or not. You can see how the percentage of positive ratings they have, how many buyers are satisfied and how many buyers who feel disappointed with the service. You also can look when the last time the they online. More easy if the seller get marked from admin / staff where they displayed their services, such as the "Staff Selected" which means the services have been tested by admin / staff from the marketplace. Or "Recommended Seller" means that the seller has been recommended by many people for their service quality.

But, when you get delay on delivery of plays that you buy, don't immediately judge that the seller is an impostor. Try to ask directly to the seller about the problem. It could be a delay in sending all the plays, because the seller must complete order from a lot of buyers before yours.


By having thousands of plays of course you can increase your SoundCloud popularity. To achieve it, there are so many methods that you can apply, and buy SoundCloud plays is an alternative method to get thousands of plays instantly. But you need to be careful in selecting SoundCloud plays package service provider, in addition to finding cheap SoundCloud plays, of course you need to find sellers who are able to provide quality and reliable service.

Buy Cheap SoundCloud Plays - 10000 Plays Just For $1

Disclaimer :
Price of Soundcloud plays mentioned above, are subject to change at any time without further notice. When there are any questions regarding how to buy SoundCloud plays or anything related to the transaction, you can directly contact the seller via the link mentioned previously. There is no compulsion or poignancy that you must buy SoundCloud plays. When you really interested to obtain more plays instantly. You can use this article as your reference. You also can buy followers for your Soundcloud here.