Saturday, June 7, 2014

Instant 1000 High Quality Instagram Likes For $2

1000 Instagram Likes
Get instant 1000 Instagram likes with high quality for just $2. All likes come from Instagram users with all profiled account and will be send in less than 24 hours. This instant Instagram likes package service provided by level X4 seller (most trusted seller on Seoclerks) and guaranteed to improve your social presence. This is one of the best service to buy Instagram photo likes with no doubt.

Buy Cheap 1000 High Quality Instagram Likes

Service name : "Get You 1000 High Quality Instagram Likes Instant"
Service price per 1000 Instagram likes : $2
Seller name : cybercrime
Expected delivery : 2 days
Average time on delivery : 17 hours
Extra services :
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Service features :
1. To send all likes, the seller don't need to access your Instagram account. Just give your photo link detail to the seller, and he will start his work.
2. Completely safe method to get more Instagram photo likes. 
3. Fast delivery. To send 1000 Instagram likes to your account, the seller only need less than 24 hours.
4. You can order as many as you like. There is no limitation for each account.
5. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. The seller guarantees that if you not satisfied with the service you will get back 10% of your total order with no question asked.

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Buy 1000 Instagram Likes

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Disclaimer :
The price for 1000 Instagram photo likes above can be change anytime without prior notice. For more question about this order, you can directly contact the seller.