Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Free Instagram Followers (Get More Unlimited Followers)

free instagram followers
If you want to get free instagram followers, you can follow simple and easy step on this article. You can get real human instagram followers, not fake followers from fake account. You only need to collect some point, and convert them into high quality followers. Using this method, you can get unlimited followers instantly without spending a lot of money. This is not about instagram followers cheat or illegal action which involve software or bot to gain ton of followers. All followers are gained clean and safe without risk that can endanger or harm your instagram account. Because the followers will be obtained from one social networking who provide free points that can be exchanged into real followers.

Get Points - Redeem To Instagram Followers For Free

Have you heard about addmefast? Addmefast is one of the largest social networking that can help your social presence. So, if you want to be famous on twitter, facebook, instagram, youtube, vine, pinterest, google+, or any kind social media platform, you can utilize addmefast to promote your social profile. You can choose between free membership and paid membership. For free membership you only need to register and collect 50 points at start and get more 150 points daily if you are active member. For paid membership, of course you will get more point by paying some package. All points on addmefast can be exchanged into followers, likes, or views for your social networking profile.

Paid membership is not recommended for you if you look up here for free instagram followers. Because in addition to pay the service for more points, it will be the same as buying instagram followers. So you will not get them for free. You can get unlimited instagram followers by this membership, but it will cost much money.
As we mentioned above, for free membership you will get free points at the beginning of your registration and more points if you active daily. To be qualified as active member, at lest you have to do 20 clicks action per day. It is true that there is limitation to earn point. You only get 150 daily. But, there is some trick to get unlimited points on addmefast so you can exchanged it to unlimited instagram followers.

How To Get Unlimited Point On Addmefast

Before get your free followers, you need to do some action. And of course you need to be as addmefast member. Get your free membership on addmefast here. Complete your registration and read this article : "Get Unlimited Addmefast Points".

On that article you will read about the secret to get unlimited points on addmefast. Its easy to follow. So, as free member of addmefast you still have chance to get unlimited followers for your social profile. It isn't limited to get ton of instagram followers, you also can use this method to get unlimited twitter followers, facebook likes, youtube views, youtube subscribers, youtube comments, vine followers, pinterest followres, soundcloud plays, soundcloud download, and many more social stuff. And all followers or likes are from real people. Because you use your points  to reward real people to follow your instagram.

How To Exchange Addmefast Point To Instagram Followers

If you have earn your points, you can log in to your addmefast dashboard. On the left side of the page under "Free Points" button, you will see the list of social networking that followers or likes can be given. Choose "Instagram Followers", you will be directed to new page. On that page, provide your instagram profile link and set your CPC. The amount of CPC is total points that you will spend for each followers. So, if one people follow your instagram profile, he will rewarded by the points you offered. Minimum points that can be set is 2 points, and maximum 10 points. If you set CPC to 2 points, its mean that every people who follow your profile will be rewarded by 2 points.

Its an easy method, isn't it? With this method you can get unlimited free instagram followers. But if you feel doubt with this method, and still insist your self to get more instagram followers instantly, may be you should skip this one. This method is not the best one to get instagram followers in instant way. There is another option for you. You also can obtain them by buy instagram followers service. This method only for them who need free followers on instagram account. Of course you will not know the result till you try it by yourself, isn't it?