Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cheap Online Music Promotion - Play Your Song On Popular FM Online Radio

online music promotion
Online music promotion is one of the best strategy to make your own song go viral. If you are new singer or composer, utilize online media to promote your songs is a must. Its simple and easy to do, than you use other media to promote your music. You can reach more listener, more fans, and let them know and love your master piece. So, do you interested in radio promotion for your songs? Now, you can promote your song on popular pop & party station or hip hop station with cheap price. Your songs will get average 3-4 spins per day depending on how hot the song is. 

Cheap Music Promotion On Popular FM Online Radio

If you have mastered and mixed songs to promote, you probably interest to use this service to promote your songs. As we mentioned above, your music will get spins 3 to 4 times a day for a week. If you want more package offer, there is also monthly package available. For more detail, you can read bellow.
Service name : "Play Your Hip Hop OR Pop Song On Our Popular FM Online Radio Station For 1 Week"

Service price : $100
Extra service from this seller :
- Play your music for 1 month for $150

Requirement :
- your music must be mastered and mixed professionally.
- all bad quality music will not be played because it can ruin the station's reputation

Based on information we gathered from this service page, the online radio which to promote any music are radio stations which host the hottest top 1000 Billboards music, and there many celebrities tune in and have been featured on its weekly shows. So, if your songs played in this online radio stations, there will be many celebrities listen your songs. This is the best online music promotion ever. Not just for the price, but also for the audience who listen to your songs. You will get attention from many celebrities by paying a few money. 

Cheap Online Music Promotion Package ($100)
cheap online music promotion

This service package will manage your song promotion professionally. But this is not the effectived one to get your music more popular. You also can utilize social networking to make your music going viral. And one of the best social network to promote your music is Soundcloud. You can add more Soundcloud plays and downloads to your songs, to increase it popularity, so more people attracted to your masterpiece.

Disclaimer :
The price above can be change anytime without prior notice. For more info about this online music promotion regarding for the discount price or another package option, you can contact the seller directly.

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