Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cheap 1000+ Facebook Likes (Photo, Post, Video)

1000 facebook likes
Do you want to get more facebook likes on every photos you post, your status updates, your shares, or your videos? Looking for cheap facebook likes service package which can give you real likes and permanently staying? You can search such of services on the net, but not all of them can give what you needs and can offer the cheapest price. May be you have found the seller who can give the same amount of likes but in different price, or may be you also found seller which give your 1000+ likes with the same price, but all likes are gone after you pay the service. 

Instant 1000+ Facebook Likes For Photo, Post, And Video

The short description about facebook likes service package bellow will tell you about the detail of the service.
Service name : "Get You 1000+ Facebook Photo,Post,Video Likes Or Followers,Subscribers"
Service price : Only $2
Expected delivery : 2 days
Average time on delivery : 22 hours
Extra service from this seller :
- Add more 1000+ Facebook Photo/Post Likes Or Follower/Subscriber for $2
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- Add more 4000+ Facebook Photo/Post Likes Or Follower/Subscriber for $7

Note : This service is not for fan pages likes. But, you can use this service for fan pages post link or website/blog link.

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Buy Cheap 1000+ Facebook Likes For $2

To buy 1000 Facebook likes from this seller, simply click on order button above. Place your order, complete the payment, and confirm it. Once on order confirmation page, don't forget to give the detail of your photo, video, post links. If you need to make bulk order with more amount of likes on each package, you might be interested to buy 10000 Facebook likes for just $15.

Disclaimer :
The price above can be change anytime without prior notice. For more detail regarding how to order and to get discount price, you can contact the seller directly.