Monday, April 21, 2014

Buy 10,000 Facebook Likes For $15

10000 facebook likes
Before you buy facebook likes, you should read this. Facebook still remains as one of the most popular social network in the world. So, if you would like to promote your business so more people will get informed well, you can utilize facebook to get your business go viral. Using facebook fans page, that is free to create, you can promote your business easily. More fans, of course you will get more people who will know about your brand and product. But, the problem is, when you only get a few fans on your facebook fan page, there is no strong authority to attract more people to know about your business. So, by buying facebook likes, will make your fans page get higher authority and look more legit.

Get 10000 Facebook Likes Instantly

Now days, you can find many people offering about facebook likes. But only a few of them can provide real facebook likes that will remain forever following your fans page. Why you wasting your money on fake and dropping likes, if you can get high quality offer for reliable price? There is one of the best facebook likes service you can pick. Bellow is the detail about this service :

Service name : "I Will Add 10000 Real Facebook Likes In Your Fans Page"
Service price : $15 / package
Extra service from this seller :
- you can buy 20000 facebook likes for $26
- you can buy 50000 facebook likes for $70
- you can buy 100000 facebook likes for $131
Expected delivery : 5 days
Average time on delivery : 5 days

Guarantees :
- Get 10,000+ real facebook likes, staying permanently, and genuine likes from worldwide facebook user
- You will get high quality likes
- 100% safe transaction, will not risk or harm your facebook account
- Life time no drops guarantee
- All facebook likes coming from real facebook user
If any drops faced, it will be re-added no matter how many times it drops.
- Instant delivery

Buy 10,000 Facebook Likes For $15
buy 10000 facebook likes

If you read the detail above, you can see that the seller of the service really serious on carrying high quality facebook likes for your fans page. You have no to worry that you will get fake likes or they will drops. Because the seller have guaranteed that all likes are from real people and they will re-added like if they drops. You also can see that discount are available if you make an order for extra service.

Light package also available. You can get 2500 Facebook likes for $2. So, you don't need to spend much money to get up to thousands likes for your fan page.

Disclaimer :
The price for 10000 facebook likes above can be change any time without prior notice. If you have more question regarding to place bulk order and possibility for more discount, you can contact the seller directly.