Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Buy 2000 Real Facebook Likes (High Quality Likes - No Drops)

2000 facebook website likes

If you need to buy facebook likes for your website and looking for service that can give you many likes from real facebook user, you should try the service bellow. You will get high quality facebook website likes and they are never drops. So, stop wasting your money on cheap facebook likes service package that only drop within a week. 

2000 Facebook Likes Service Package Detail

Service name : 2,000 Real High Quality Facebook Likes - No Drops.
Price : $6 for each package contain of 2,000 facebook likes.
Guarantees : fast delivery, real likes, professional service, never drops.
Seller marketplace : Seoclerks
Restriction : no adult website
Extra service from this seller :
- Add more 1,000 facebook likes just for $3
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Expected delivery : 7 days
Average time on delivery : 7 days

This is limited time service, the seller will change the price any time without prior notice. If you would like to get more facebook likes for your website, we suggest you to order it right now before the price become higher. Buy 2000 facebook likes for just $6 right now, and get more website likes instantly.

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Buy 2000 Real Facebook Likes (High Quality Likes - No Drops)
 Buy 2000 Real Facebook Likes

Disclaimer :
As we mentioned before, this service is limited time only. You only can get the same price as above for each facebook likes package if you order this service right now. Because the seller can end this offer with the same price and change it with higher price any time.