Sunday, December 29, 2013

Get Free Instagram Followers, 1000+ Followers Within 24 Hours

get free instagram followers
NOTE!!! This free instagram followers program has been discontinued, due to promotion program campaign from this provider has ended. But, you still able to obtain thousands of instagram followers instantly by paying service. You can get 2500+ instagram followers within 24 hours for just $1. Click here to read more about this cheap followers package service.

This article will explain how to get free instagram followers. Well, the question is, would you gain thousands of followers within 24 hours without having to pay anything? In fact, to acquire all of the followers can be done in less than 24 hours. The metod that we will discuss is the simplest and easiest method ever done. Anyone can do it. Includes an amateur though. To get thousands of free followers, you don't need a particular software and doesn't require specific abilities anyway. All you need is a little time to read this article till the end, then a little more time to implement the methods that we will describe later. But , here are some terms and conditions that you must meet. Among other things is :
1 . You must have an active twitter account .
2 . Your twitter profile can't be protected.
3 . Your twitter account should already have 100 followers or more .
4 . You already have  tweet for 100 times or more.
5 . Your twitter account must have been aged 180 days.
6. Your profile image, can't be default image.

Why do we need a twitter account? Shouldn't we are looking for instagram followers? Well, your twitter account required to obtain "free money". Because we are going to take advantage of a promotion that is being held by one of the social media marketplace. In this campaign, there is a chance for you to have this "free money". With that free money, you will buy thousands of followers. Ready?

Get Your Free Money

If your twitter account meet some terms and conditions as mentioned above, to obtain "free money", then you need to do is follow this account : @ SeoClerks and @ ilhamdc . Once you follow both accounts, next step is to register as member of the marketplace. To make your registration, you can click this following link : Fill out all the required fields. Do not forget to use real and active email, because to complete the registration process, an activation link will be sent to your email address.

If you already become member, next is to claim your "free money". Go to the following link : "Claim Free Money". On the page you will see some instructions that you have to do and complete. Complete the assigned task, then do verification. After successful verification, it is automatically "free money" for 1 dollar will be put into your account. See the top right of the page. Next is buy instagram followers.

Buy Instagram Followers
To obtain free instagram followers, we will make a purchase using "free money" that we get. Try to type the keyword "instagram followers" in the search box. The result, you will see a list of some sellers that offer a number of followers for a few dollars. Because you just have $ 1 on your account balance, then you are looking for sellers who put up the price equal to that amount. Remember, different sellers have different service to offer, even though they have the same price. So , look for sellers who do you think gives the best deals. If you do not want to be bothered, you can directly visit the seller's page : "Click Here". It is a seller link that can give you 2500 instagram followers by paying just $ 1 only.

Purchases can do by clicking the "Order" button. Then you will be taken to a payment page. On the payment page, select "Pay Using Account Balance" . After that, complete your purchase by clicking on the "Submit" button. You will be taken to a page where you can leave a message to the seller. Fill your instagram link or your Instagram ID , so the seller knows which account must be send followers . Everything is done . Wait until all the followers delivered to your instagram account . You will receive notification when the seller completely send all followers. That an easy method, isn't it? Have a nice try!

Disclaimer :
Because we use promotional campaign to get free instagram followers which has time limit, so we can not guarantee that this method can be followed all the time. As long as the promotion campaign still running, you can obtain many free followers with this.