Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Free Twitter Followers From Seoclerks

free twitter followers
There are many ways that we can do to get free twitter followers. One of the easiest and simplest way to get more followers is by expecting someone follow back our account after we following them. Or, may be you have tried to obtain twitter followers by collecting some points (several website provide this kind of service), after you have certain amount of points you redeem and exchange it into free followers. Of course that method are completely free to do, but it doesn't reflect effectiveness to gain much followers in a short time, isn't it? Beside that, you will waste your time. Have you tried an instant method to get thousands of followers within 24 hours with no obligation to pay service? If you haven't ever tried this kind of method, you may interested with what we'll discuss. Read entire articles to find how. 

Get Free Followers From SeoClerks

Okay, we will explain how to get twitter followers from Seoclerks for free. What is SeoClerks? SeoClerks is one of the largest marketplace originally designed for SEO service. You can find people selling followers for any social networking profile including for Twitter. They sell their service starting from $1 only for a thousand of followers.

Currently, SeoClerks giving promotion for new member. By joining as free member of this social marketplace, you can get $1 free money (last month they giving $5 and then drop to $2). Using this free money, you can buy followers. There are many seller you can choose, and most of them offers more than 1000 followers for $1 only. How to get it? First you need to register as their member and claim your "free money". Open this link and complete your registration : www.seoclerks.com. 

Claim Your Free Money

After you complete your registration on SeoClerks, you can claim your free money. But, before you can claim your $1, please make sure that your twitter account have meets this terms and conditions :
1. Your account must not be protected.
2. Follow this account : @seoclerks and @ilhamdc (you can unfollow after you get your free money).
3. Your account must have at least 100 followers.
4. Your account cannot have default photo as your profile image.
5. You should have at least 100 tweets or more.
6. Your account must be at least 180 days old (6 month).
7. There is one re-tweet job to do. And you only can join once per account.

If your twitter account meets all that terms and conditions above, you can join this promotional event. To claim your $1 from SeoClerks, you can go here "SeoClerks Free Money". On that page, you can see what thing to do. Complete re-tweet job that required to be done. Once you have completely re-tweet into your account, then verify your account by enter your twitter username into the box and click "verify". If you success and everything going right, free money will be automatically credited into your SeoClerks account balance. You can see it at the top right area. Now, you can use your $1 to buy twitter followers.

Buy Twitter Followers

Once you received your free money on your SeoClerks account balance, you can find any seller that offer you followers for your twitter account. Type this keyword "Twitter Followers" on SeoClerks search box. Short it by price to make easy find them. Or you can visit this seller "Will Add 2000 Twitter Followers Within 24 Hours". Press "Order" button to purchase followers and you will bring into payment page. On payment page, choose "Pay Using Account Balance". Comfirm your order by send message into seller, and don't forget to mention your twitter username that need to be added with followers. Its simple and easy, isn't it? Once your order send, your followers will be added within 24 hours or less.

Tips : repeat this method with your another twitter account and collect all followers into your main account. If you satisfied with their service, you can buy with your own money and get cheapest followers price.

Disclaimer :
We do not guarantee that you will get real human and staying followers. So, to ensure that you will receive high quality twitter followers please contact the seller about their service. The method to get free twitter followers still can be done as long as promotional event from SeoClerks still on going.